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LIFE THRONES By Hope Nwambie

Life has taught me that worry has the potential of

sapping me of most of life’s pleasant flavors and


There had been times in the past when I worried

myself over things and situations I had no business

worrying about. Sounds familiar?

Some times, my worry arose not just from day to

day negative experiences around me but also from

negative news via different media. I worried to a

point that my faith sometimes came under attack

arising from anxiety and thinking about all the

negative news I allowed into my mind.

This was the situation till some years ago when I

had the leading to take a break from my legal

practice and go to the Bible School. In the course

of our training, the Lord made me understand that

for Him to remain at my life’s throne all of the

time, I must not only cast ALL my cares on Him but

also stop excessive negative media consumption.

In Matthew 6:31-34 we are told to take no

thought… ( to not worry). Thankfully over the

years, I have seen the Lord come through for me

in some most amazing ways because I let Him do

the worrying instead of me.

Dear friend unlike me, your own story may be like

“let me give God my big worries and take care of

the little worries myself”. This is likened to the

man with a back-bent heavy load who got into a

vehicle but rather than drop his load in the

trunk/boot of the car, decides to still have the

load on his back, contended that at least he isn’t

walking with his load. How smart?

Please, let God do His thing. Do drop-off your

worries, concerns, anxieties, sickness, difficult

parenting, financial debt issue, business fears,

hopelessness e.t.c on Him. He wants us to cast ALL

our cares on Him.

Perhaps, you might even be asking does that mean

we should not make plans again? Not really.

I have learnt that there is a great world of

difference between planning and worrying. While it

is expected we make plans as should, we must

endeavor to put our plans in God’s caring Hands

because try as we may, it is only the plan of God

that comes through on issues at the end of the


Dear friend, if we believe in God, we must go a

step further by allowing HIM play the role of God

in our lives. Worry dethrones God and enthrones

the very thing we worry about. Lets start

programing our mind to think in tandem with

Philippians 4:8.

Lets determine to Stop worrying and start

speaking to those mountains - stubborn pursuers of

life, sicknesses, difficult parenting, dwindling

business fortunes, mountain of debts, joblessness,

marriage difficulties/concern, disappointments

e.t.c that give us sleepless night. They will move in

accordance with God’s word in our mouth.

Friend, Stop worrying! Let God continue in His Throne

and indeed the throne of our lives!

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