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Triumphant Living Will Require Triumphant Questions

After speaking at an Advancement Seminar years ago, an attendee at the seminar requested for a moment to ask me some probing questions. The first question she asked me was this, "Why has life been so unfair to me?" Then she continued, "Am I under a curse of some kind?" Then she fired another one, "Why is my business not successful?

As I listened to her with rapt attention, I told her that the first thing she had to do was to rephrase her questions to triumphant questions.

A triumphant question shifts your gaze from a disempowering mindset to an empowering mindset. It inspires you to begin to think of possibilities instead of impossibilities. I told her to rephrase her questions this way: "Why are some people more successful in my business niche than others?" I told her to identify at least ten people she considered to be succeeding in her line of business and find out what they were doing that she was not doing.

With that conversation, I introduced her to a great discovery in the school of advancement that I call the "Law of triumphant questions." The law of triumphant questions implies that when you find out what the successful people in your field of activity are doing through researched questionings, and do those things over and over again, you will increase your chances of seeing either the same or even better outcomes in your own life, business, career, and ministry.

After talking with that lady, I prayed with her to grasp a supernatural understanding of my conversation with her. After a period of two years, I had a more inspiring encounter with the same lady who as at that time, had received many robust testimonies of triumph to share with me. According to her, "As soon as I established what success meant to me in my business, and began to identify those in my business niche that had accomplished same, I understood the effects that I wanted and began to identify what I had to do to bring those effects into reality."

At this point, I had to take over the conversation out of sheer excitement to explain the gusher of life that she had unwittingly discovered to her. I told her that she was describing what the Bible calls the law of sowing and reaping. That is, "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap" (Galatians 6:7).

That law implies that every action is a seed and that that seed produces an outcome called a harvest. In other words, her inputs yielded her outputs. I told her that that was the law of cause and effect. I further told her that that law was enacted through the triumphant grace of God for us to live by. I told her that even the scientists, philosophers, and researchers of old had all talked about it in some way despite the fact that God had already told Noah that everything will be anchored on the law of seedtime and harvest time, which is another way of saying the same thing.

I continued, Aristotle in 350 BC had called it the law of Cause and Effect. It eventually became known as the Aristotelian Principle of Causality. Isaac Newton called it the law of action and reaction. That is, your action in a situation will decide the reactions you get. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the law of compensation. That is, whatever you do in life, you will be eventually compensated sooner or later either in equal or multiple measures.

In a nutshell, the moment you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, or what God has told you to do, you will begin to see those who had already accomplished that same thing. The moment you begin to identify what they did either through direct conversations with them, reading their books, listening to their audio or video messages, and begin to do those things by tailoring them to your own specific area of expertise by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, over and over, you will eventually achieve the same thing if not better.

The opposite is also true. If you choose not to be clear about your vision, and refuse to identify success stories in that area and choose not to do what they had done over and over, you will also not get the results that they had gotten. Then she added, "Dr Iyke, I really thank you for all the inspiring teachings you had brought my way all these years. I thank God that you are now giving us the opportunity to partner with you on what God is doing through your ministry. God bless you sir."

What more could I add or say to all these except to remind you that in whatever situation you find yourself, you must refuse to quit, you must decide to prayerfully ask an empowering question...And never ever forget to Keep Advancing in the wisdom of God. Hallelujah!

Quote of the day.

Let Us Pray

Dear Lord, I receive grace from you today, to clearly identify your idea of success for my life. Help me to identify the success stories that will help to activate my own success story in.......(include what your goals or needs are). Thank you father for my supernatural triumph that is firmly anchored on the triumph of Christ in Jesus name. I declare that victory is mine today. Success is mine today. Favor is mine today. Hallelujah!


Remember to pray about partnering with what God is doing here at the Advancement Ministry. For details CLICK here to get to the partnership page.

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