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Triumphant Living Is Not Militant Living

Take time out to reflect on your life. Refuse to run around without a uniqueness about your contribution to your world. Understand that the need to become free must begin with your intention to see your world from another perspective.

Kindly understand that you are now a member of the occupation army of Christ on the earth. Jesus said these precious words "...Occupy till I come..." (Luke 19:13).

What does this mean? It means that after Jesus disarmed principalities and powers and made a public spectacle of them in his triumphant work, he now invites us to occupy his conquered domain in dominion in his name till he comes.

As members of the occupation army of Jesus we must now deploy our God-given gifts and talents to showcase the beauty of God in our world. We must deploy those talents and gifts not only in the church but also in the business world, in the political space, in the academia, in the technological world, in the organizational sector, in homemaking, in customer service, and in life generally. We must now begin to engage those gifting of God in our lives to occupy the conquered territories of Christ.

Instead of trying to aspire to conquer an already defeated devil, we must begin to rephrase our prayer points to "Lord where do I belong in this new move? Open my eyes and show me those great and mighty things which I currently do not know."

Friends, when we begin to pray this way, we move from being the militant believer who is aspiring to defeat the devil afresh to the triumphant believer who is occupying his or her domain in triumph as an occupational military force of Jesus.

This level of operation will require meditation, reflection, and thinking. But how many of us are ready to flow along this path? The submissions of great men like Thomas Edison gives a clue to the missing element of a thinking mind in many lives. Edison said, "There are a few people who think, a few more who think they think, and then there are the majority who would rather die than think."

My dear reader, we must shift our minds from a "needy-mindset" to a "leading mindset." That is a fundamental shift that the triumphant believer must engage in.

Quote of the day.

Let Us Pray

Dear Lord, open my eyes to see my place in your current move. Grant me the required grace to shift my thinking pattern from where I am to where you want me to be. I receive clarity of vision and understanding from you as a triumphant believer in the occupation army of the Lord today, in Jesus name. Amen.


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