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The Voice Of Triumph Is The Voice Of Thanksgiving

The voice of triumph never fails.

You can push back any obstacle with the voice of triumph. You can minimize that negative word with the voice of triumph. You can disarm the negative report of your doctor with the voice of triumph. You can reposition the stress in your organization with the voice of triumph.

The voice of triumph is the voice of thanksgiving. According to the golden words of King David, thanksgiving is the gate into the presence of God (Psalm 100:4). So, when you face domestic challenges, remember to activate the presence of God in your home with a shout of thanksgiving which is the shout of triumph.

Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin who founded the Rhema Bible Institute in Broken arrow, Oklahoma told the story of how he developed the habit of forcing himself to shout the shout of triumph by starting off in the natural before connecting with his spirit man. According to him, he would begin by saying "Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha" a couple of times until he sieves through the doubts and fears going on in his head to connect with the power of God in his heart.

Young's Literal Translation of Psalm 47:1 reads like this: "All ye peoples, clap the hand, Shout to God with a voice of singing."

My dear reader, decide today to listen to songs of praise and thanksgivings on your cell phone or Ipad when you feel pressured by the circumstances of life. Meditate on the triumphant victory of Christ on your behalf. Begin to see your triumph in the triumph of Christ. And your story of all-round advancement will never cease. Why? You have the seed of something special in you. You have the seed of advancement, and that seed is growing day by day. Keep advancing!

Scripture of the day:

Let Us Pray

The Prayer Of Declarations

Thank you Father for the voice of thanksgiving! Thank you Father for the voice of triumph. I proclaim that the courage of God is working in me.That courage is now neutralizing discouragement, despair, and despondency in Jesus name. I declare that every form of stagnation is neutralized in my situation. I am matching from one level of triumph to another level of triumph.

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