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Look At Your Enemies In Triumph

Your understanding facilitates your seeing.

Understanding that your triumphant triumph is based on the ultimate triumph of Christ empowers your belief system for supernatural victory. Kindly agree with God today concerning your area of pain. He will go before you with his loving kindness. He will not leave you in the murky waters of life without a hand of comfort. He will whisper a word of victory in your heart when doubts and fears seem to plunge your mind. He will inspire an uncommon strategy of connectivity within you. You will prevail. You will succeed. Your story of triumphant triumph will be updated for good. Hear this: Opening your eyes to see what God wants you to see activates a new season in your life. Refuse to quit, keep advancing!

Psalms 59:10 My God will go before me with his loving kindness. God will let me look at my enemies in triumph.

Prayer Of Declaration

I receive the grace of the Lord to see what God wants me to see. I see my enemies with the gaze of triumph. I refuse to walk in defeat. I walk in the advancement program of God for my life, in Jesus name.


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