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How To Develop The Triumphantly Triumphant Mindset

I have a word of encouragement for you today. It is a word that is soaked in the juice of triumph. It is a word that is backed up with the glad tidings of deity. It is a word that will not fail in your situation. It is a word that will wipe your tears away. It is a word that will heal your internal bleeding. It is a word that will not fail in your business, leadership, career, and home. It is a word that will activate your hope again, inspire your desire for victory again, neutralize the yoke of doubts, fears, and worries again. It is the fact that YOU ARE TRIUMPHANTLY TRIUMPHANT!

What does it mean to be triumphantly triumphant?

In order to define the state of being triumphantly triumphant, I must first define what it means to be triumphant. In a nutshell, being triumphant means to prevail over an obstacle with ease. Consequently, being triumphantly triumphant means triumphing from one level of triumph to another level of triumph. It means prevailing over an obstacle because you are already standing on the prevailing foundation of triumph.

What is this prevailing foundation of triumph?

Colossians 2:15

“Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

It is the awesome triumph of Christ on our behalf.

Years ago, while struggling in prayer, trying to call on God to defeat the devil for me, I encountered the above scripture in Colossians 2:15.

Kindly take note of the glorious submissions of the Spirit of God to us in that scripture. It tells us that Jesus publicly demonstrated and showcased his unquestionable triumph over the forces of defeat, stagnation, worry, fear, failure, poverty, and doubts that came against him and his dream.

When I discovered that foundation, my prayer approach shifted from calling on God to defeat the devil for me to realizing that he has already done so in Christ. Not only that, my words in prayers shifted from the place of agony to the place of affirming the triumph of Christ. Furthermore, instead of getting despondent in prayer, I began to declare my triumph in Christ.

Friend, when we hold fast to the declarations of our triumph in the triumph of Christ as students, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, homemakers, we develop the triumphantly triumphant foundational mindset concerning the realization of our dreams and visions as they relate to the works of our hands in the marketplace of life.

As a business entrepreneur, politician, manager, pastor, homemaker, professional, you must develop the mindset that the triumph of Christ is now your triumph. Trying to prevail over the forces of life by yourself is an impossible feat.

You must stand firm on that foundation to pray the word, proclaim the word, and prophesy into the future of your life, business, ministry, and career.

May the good Lord grant us quick understanding in this area. And never forget that in whatever situation you may find yourself, and in whatever thing you do, never ever forget that you have the seed of advancement in you. And that seed is growing day by day. Keep advancing!

Let us pray:

The Prayer Of Declaration

Thank you Father for your work of triumph in my life. I declare that the triumph of Christ is now mine. I declare that from today, every area of my life, business, career, and ministry will experience fresh triumph. Obstacles are being neutralized, oppositions are being disarmed, and defeats are being defeated in every area of my life in Jesus name (Repeat this affirmation until your mind agrees with it).


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