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Avoid The Whispers Of Interested Parties. By Iyke Nwambie

One of the things that you have to know up-front in the school of advancement is that your testimony of advancement will attract the ''whispers of interested parties.''

And "What do you mean by the whispers of interested parties," You ask?

The whispers of interested parties are the reactions that come from those who think and believe that you ought to have remained in one spot in life!

Sometimes those interested parties would include your childhood buddies, your neighborhood friends, your colleagues at work, your school mates, your political opponents, etc. They come in different sizes and shapes.

First, they will attempt to discourage you by reminding you of your natural weak points. And if you choose to disregard that, they will think that you are living in a 'dreamer's world.'

And when your dreams begin to appear real, they will attempt to explain away your victory as a mere happenstance. And when other victories begin to follow suit, they will attempt to understand what you are doing with a dose of cynicism, and when they fail to decode the advancement strategies of God that are operating in you and around you, they will begin to whisper their own version of what they think is going on. They will express their whispers like they did to Jesus in this way:

"Is this not the carpenter...? (Mark 6:3)"

And when you continue to ignore their whispers, they will create their own stories around you. But in all of those, you must learn to stay focused on the ball, you must choose to stay glued to your divine purpose, you must continue to pray in the Spirit for guidance, you must continue to receive grace for diligence, you must continue to read and meditate the word of God, you must continue to read inspiring messages like this! You must never allow their whispers to get at you.

If they ever try to get at you, just smile, wink at them and convince yourself that they are the mere "whispers of interested parties." And that such whispers are designed to deflate your morale, their goal is to keep you in your comfort zone, and their intent is to shoot a new arrow of discouragement at you.

My dear reader, refuse to bow to such distractions by reminding yourself that the seed of something special is in you. The seed of advancement is in you. And that seed is growing day-by-day...Keep advancing!‪

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