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When Self-talk Clashes With Side-talks By Iyke Nwambie

In the school of advancement, 'self-talk' is said to be the rate-determining step of life. It gives you a clue into the mental dynamics of your own mind. It tells you what you really believe after all that you might have heard, read or seen from others. It amplifies your own position on an issue even in the face of many 'side-talks.' As a matter of fact, self-talk is said to be superior to side-talks in the journey of life.

For example, years ago I had attended an inspirational seminar with a friend of mine where the speaker digressed from the subject-matter of the seminar to talk so glowingly about his wife and marriage. In the course of that seminar, the preacher mentioned that he was yet to have the first crisis in his marriage after almost 30 years of marriage.

And on our way home, my friend began to laugh in a way that suggested that he doubted what he had heard in that seminar. So, I asked him why he was laughing.

And he said: "How can anybody say that he had never had the first argument with his wife...Are they living on the moon?"

Then I asked him: "Are you sure you heard what the man said?"

Then he rolled his eyeballs to emphasize the audacity of his submission,

"Yes, I heard him. He just said it in this seminar. Did you not hear him...Were you not there?"

I gently cleared my throat and said: "What I heard him say was that he was yet to have the first 'crisis' in his marriage and not the first 'argument'."

Then my friend asked, "and what is the difference?"

Well, I continued: "the difference is that not every argument leads to a crisis. You can agree to disagree, you can have your agreed channel of disputing your differences in a marriage. It is only when you have to involve third parties to help you find a common ground in the argument that it turns into a crisis."

"Well, that makes more sense to me now. I did not see it like that before," added my friend.

The import of the above story is to show the power of our self-talks over the side-talks around us. If my friend had gotten home with his initial self-talk, he probably would have lived with that notion for a long time; and the time he spent at that seminar might have been a wasted one despite the fact that the side-talk he attributed to the preacher was never what the preacher said in the first place.

​​ My dear reader, kindly understand that after the voice of God on an issue, the next most important voice on that issue is your own voice! It is not the voice of your neighbor, it is not the voice of the witch in the coven, it is not the voice of your friends, it is not the voice of the physical giants around you. But your own voice.

For you can cast out the voice of the witch, you can get away from the voices of your neighbors, friends and those physical giants challenging your health, job, and career, but not your own voice.

Your own voice speaks to you in your own mind round the clock as self-talks. If they are positive words like:

"You will make it!" "You are on the winning side of life!" "You will bounce back again!" "The answer to your prayer is on the way!" "You are the righteous child of a righteous God!" "Stagnation is being neutralized around you now!" etc., you feel good.

But if they are negative ones like:

"Who do you think you are?" "Who has ever achieved any greatness in your family?" "You are not worthy to be loved by God," you feel rattled and disorganized.

And if those self-talks are allowed to stick-around for too long, they turn into mental giants. And while you can walk away from physical giants, mental giants will stick around in your mind 24/7 until you begin to renew your mind (Romans 12:1-2) with the word of God, until you begin to talk back to them, until you begin to talk to yourself in a way that is consistent with the word of God.

That was what foremost playwright, movie director, and actor, Tyler Perry did when he was told by the big shots at Hollywood that they would not back his plays; that was what foremost pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes did years ago, while riding in a car with his sister in West Virginia , beaten and battered by the financial hassles of life when he said, "I'm not going to be broke anymore"; that was what I did when my wife and I seemed to be holed up in a little corner of life years ago....I yelled out to my wife,

"We are stepping out of this stagnation for good and for real by this time next year!"

My dear reader, I challenge you to talk yourself out of that situation beginning from today. For when self-talk clashes with side-talks, self-talk is the natural victor.

Receive a fresh impartation of divine grace to do it now!

For life and death rest on the power of your tongue (Proverbs 18:21), poverty and prosperity rest on the power of your tongue, sickness and health rest on the power of your tongue, advancement and stagnation rest on the power of your tongue. Not on the power of the devil!

In conclusion my dear friend, never ever forget that you have the seed of something special in you. Yes, you have the seed of advancement. And that seed is growing day-by-day. ‪#‎KeepAdvancing‬.

Let's hear from you today and remember to join the Advancement Kingdom Partners (AKP) for a life of consistent advancement. CLICK

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