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Refuse To Yield To The Arrow Of Rejection By Hope Nwambie

As I was pondering on this topic, I remembered a popular detergent advertisement I used to see on the television years ago when I was in the Elementary school. The detergent was known as Super blue Omo and it presented two pre-teen girls dressed in an identical piece of clothing. Now the dress that was washed with Omo appeared brighter and more beautiful when compared with the one that was washed with a different detergent.

The adverts showed the Omo girl getting more lovely stares and admiration owing to her brighter dress. And while that was going on, the non-Omo girl felt so dejected that she withdrew from the Omo girl and even refused to play with her...What do you call that? Rejection!


In Gen 4:3-8, two brothers Cain and Abel brought their sacrifices to God. While Abel’s sacrifice was acceptable to God, Cain’s sacrifice was not acceptable. Unfortunately, envy crept in and murder became the end result of their story...Again what do you call that? Rejection!

Still thinking along this line, I remember when a few years ago, a friend of mine had accompanied me to shop for jewelry. And after making my picks, I asked her to pick some; she did pick some but chose pieces that were a lot lower than mine in value. Noticing that, I told her to pick from the same lot that I chose from. She refused, saying that since I was the one paying for them, she would not want to rub shoulders with me by picking from that lot. When I insisted, she reluctantly picked some pieces from the lot I chose from.

As we got back to my office from where we set out, she had tears running down her cheeks. Surprised at the emotions playing before me she soberly narrated to me how in the past she had accompanied her elder sister on a shopping trip after being promised some goodies (this elder sister of hers’ was married to a multimillionaire and had a lot of funds at her disposal).

According to her, while they were shopping her elder sister made her pick very inferior things when compared to hers just to prove that they were not in what she called the “same class”. My friend also narrated that on more than one occasion, her sister had refused to give her some of her old maternity dresses which she no longer wanted to wear for the singular reason that she didn’t want both of them to be in the same class...Instead of doing that, my friends sister would rather give the said old maternity clothes to some of her friends whom she considered to be on the same social strata with her.

I didn’t quite know whether to call the above incident a case of sibling rivalry or something else, but, I encouraged her not to dwell on the rejection handed her by her sister. I told her to trust God who will not only change her story but also keep her in a position of sufficiency with leftovers to give others. And she responded with a resounding “amen!”

To the glory of God in a space of less than one year she came to my office and demanded that I come downstairs to see what she had to show me. When we got downstairs, with tears of joy she showed me her new car and regaled me with stories of their financial turnaround. And while I was pondering on the mighty acts of God, she narrated how God gave her husband a financial breakthrough in business that effected a change of story and status in their lives. So, much was that financial breakthrough that my friend and her husband did not only buy two new cars, they also moved into a new house in a better community. Again what was that? Rejections!

Friend, rejections come from different quarters and manifest in different ways but I can assure you that man's rejection does not equal God’s rejections. Jesus our savior suffered rejections in different ways. John captured it like this in John 1:11:

“He came to His own and His own received Him not.”

Apostle John reiterates the same idea in John 15:13 with these words:

“Greater love has no man than this that a man should lay down His life for His friends.”

And guess what?

That was exactly what Jesus did for us! For even when we are so undeserving of His Love…He calls us friends. No wonder He could give His life for us as the ransom for our sins and inadequacies.

This love of Christ empowers us to deal with all manner of life’s rejections like hate, betrayal, loneliness, etc., that we may be going through.

In conclusion, here is the strategy or key that will cause our hopes to blossom with divine radiance...It is: REFUSE TO YIELD TO THE ARROW OF REJECTION...For God's promise not to leave us or forsake us is a promise we can bank on. And as we do, His words and helps will cause us to overcome all manner of life’s rejections.

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