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God Is Not Through With You Yet. By Iyke Nwambie

One of the most important tools that every leader must keep handy in the school of advancement is a Victory journal. A victory journal reminds us of our daily conquests in life. It stirs a surge of faith in us when the enemy tries to shift our attention to the ugly side of life. It jolts our consciousness to the fact that God is not through with us yet. It tells us that the God that delivered us from six troubles will not fail at the seventh one (Job 5:19). It is a pointer to the fact that God is not through with us yet.

King David adopted this strategy of reminding himself of the contents of his victory journal when he faced the intimidating size of Goliath.What did he do, you ask?Well, while the rest of the Jews forgot the contents of their victory journals, King David recalled how the God of the covenant had assisted him to bring down the Bear and the Lion that had attempted to consume his sheepfold in time past.

My dear reader, leaders who do not keep a Victory journal have what I call the “What-have-you-done-for-me-lately” mindset. They have a hard time remembering how they were rescued in the last business challenge, they forget how they received a supernatural child when the school fees of that child become a new challenge, they wonder why they married their spouses in the first place at those times when the humanity of those spouses rises above their divinities, they forget the victory they once secured in their previous political campaigns, if the new poll shows an unsavory outcome, they wonder if God really exists when the answers to their prayers seem somewhat delayed.

And while we are on this, it is needful for you to appreciate the fact that a Victory journal is not a Diary per se. For while diaries document all that you have experienced, a victory journal only documents your victories and testimonies. That is why you have those who only cry when they open their diaries because of the contents in them. They not only cry, but also get overwhelmed with the dissonance of thoughts that the admix of victory and failure conjures within them.

Somebody once asked me if she should just live a lie and blank out on her negative experiences, and I said no. What this means is that you should focus on the positive side of that event. Every event has two sides. The side you want, based on the word of God and the assignment of God for your life and the side you do not want. Focusing on the side you do not want is the root cause of sorrow and focusing on the side you want is the root cause of joy. For example, one dear friend of mine who lost his mother listened to one of my videos where I had shared along this line and knew what to do.

What did he do, you ask?

Well, instead of crying and sorrowing all year round, he decided to focus on the part that he wanted which was to thank God for the fact that he was able to give his mother a befitting burial instead of the other way round.That was why the Jews were told by God to bind up his testimonies, to paste their victory stories on their lintels and doorposts as a way of recounting those stories of exploits to their children in years to come (Deuteronomy 6:9).

That is also why you may need to snap memorable pictures that will help you to tell your stories in a more effective way, you may need to buy a notebook that will be solely dedicated to victory reports, you may need to have a digital memory file that will only help you to smile when others think you should be crying.

Never forget that while, it is true that the world is full of discordant voices…I humbly submit that you owe yourself the onus of telling yourself a good report daily. For you have the seed of something special in you. You have the seed of advancement, and that seed is growing day-by-day. ‪#‎KeepAdvancing‬.

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