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Defying Life's Full Stops By Hope Nwambie

There are times when life happens and destinies seem aborted.When what you see and experience are contrary to what you are sure God Had said to you. When what God has began in you seems to be hampered by adverse circumstance and you are dealt the short end of life’s stick. At these times, you can tag along with life as presented, whine and bemoan your faith, hold pity parties and soothe in the comfort of men and women. But I dare you to defy, refuse, resist, stand against these situations that dare you from your promised future. My dear friend, this is a conscious effort we MUST CHOOSE to make.

In 2nd Kings 4:18-37 life dealt cruelly with the Shunnamite woman. She understood that the blessings of the Lord makes rich and no sorrow or failure at the edge of breakthrough is added with it. Rather than take the short end of the stick life had so viciously handed her by putting an abrupt full stop in the life of her son, a son she got through God's intervention when life had given up on her concerning having a child, she rewrote her story with a resounding ‘IT IS WELL’. She kept declaring IT IS WELL even though it was clear to any onlooker that IT WAS NOT WELL! My dear friend notice her doggedness! That is one indispensable companion you need to defy life's illegal full stops. This lady showed that if you don’t give up, you will not be defeated.

So, my dear friend, I dare you to hold on to your blessings and Gods promises. Don't you ever, ever let them slip out of your grips. Dear friend, please know that your grip will not be firm without faith. For this is the victory that overcomes the world even 'our faith'. Finally, defy life's full stop bearing in mind like Jonah, that they who observe lying vanities forsake their God-given mercies. It is WELL. If this message has been of any benefit to you, consider joining the Advancement Kingdom Partners at CLICK

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