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Joy is one of the forces of the human spirit. It is a product of the regenerated human spirit. Joy dispels depression, neutralizes melancholy, activates productivity, and brings out the best in us.

A joyful person is a delightful person to hang around with, live with and work with. He or she radiates the warmth that is palpable in the atmosphere. Oftentimes when we talk about joy, some immediately mistake it for happiness. While being happy is a great thing, there is, however, some shade of difference between what joy is and what happiness is.

Somebody once asked me to distinguish between the two in one sentence, and I came up with this distinction “happiness is a function of what is happening around you but joy is a function of what is happening inside you.”

In other words, happiness is external but joy is internal, happiness is provoked by achievements, but joy is provoked by attitude.

As a matter of fact, the topic of this write-up was provoked by a question I received recently from a friend who reads my blog. She asked “I feel great when I hear you speak but it would seem like something is draining away my joy. Can you tell me what it is?”

In my attempt to answer her question and help her to avoid the leaky points in her joyful life, the Spirit of God showed me seven things that could create leaky points in our attitude of joy. The first one is:

1. The Story You Tell You Affects Your Joy Level

Within the mind of every one of us is a constant exchange of internal dialogue. It is this phase of the conversation process that makes or mar, fills or drains the tank of our joy. There are those who are constantly resenting the success stories of their friends or neighbors because of the feeling that their own story is not worth sharing. Because of this attitude, they truncate the fresh flow of the Joy of the Lord that ought to be oozing out of the Holy Spirit into their regenerated spirits.

Dear reader, if that is your case, you need to start showcasing your own story in a bigger and brighter way. Focusing just on the story of others without bringing yours to the table in a positive and helpful way makes you more of a consumer than a contributor. God has deposited some amazing potential in you that will give you a great sense of joy and fulfillment when you start working on it.

The scripture tells us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10) but for that joy to manifest as a practical reality, we must get busy with what God is doing in our lives on a daily basis. Even if you cannot tell it to any other person, begin to tell it to yourself and God when you pray. (Watch out for part 2).

Let’s hear your testimony. And if this message has been of any benefit to you, consider joining the Advancement Kingdom Partners today. CLICK.

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