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When God gave me the mandate to declare the supremacy of light over darkness through the teaching and the preaching of the word of faith which works by love, I felt overwhelmed initially...But when he added this statement to it, "...for by those shall all men and women be emancipated..." I felt excited.


My excitement was because of the understanding that lives will be emancipated, delivered, rescued and set free from the clutches of sin, sickness, defeat, lack, fear and failure.


And in the course of following the demands of this mandate, I have seen the power, wisdom and grace of God do a new work of advancement in the lives of people day-by-day. God has touched the hearts of many to partner with him and  us in this divine venture.


Friends, I count it a great honor and privilege to undertake this task...And would request of you to pray about joining our team of "ADVANCEMENT KINGDOM PARTNERS" also known as, AKP-10,000" today.


And if God has already laid it upon your heart to partner with him and us, then give today mailing your checks to: 



Advancement Ministries World Outreach Inc.

PO Box 831520

Miami, Florida 33283


Yours in His service,


Iyke  Nwambie



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